Straight To The Top

When you join my team, you are automatically enrolled in an awesome rewards protram just for new consultants called Straight To The Top (STTT). As you achieve each milestone in the STTT program, you will not only earn money from your sales, but you will earn fun, exclusive rewards that will help you continue marketing your Close To My Heart business and sharing your passion for crafting.

I'm here to help you in every step of your journey. Join my team, the Treasure Keepers, today and watch the perks pile up! I have helped many new team members, both business builders and hobbyists, earn these rewards. Let's make a plan and do this! 


Here is a chart that summarizes the STTT incentive rewards you can receive in your first three months as a Consultant in relation to your personal sales.


Treasure Keeper Exclusives

In addition to the rewards from Close To My Heart, I offer a couple exclusive Exclusive Rewards for first downline on my team.  

First $300 in Orders

After you place your first $300 in sales, I will send you these three stamp sets. The fun sentiments can be used for lots of projects including invitations to Chocolate Lovers, Fiesta or Luau themed parties!

All 3 Straight To The Top Levels

After you reach all three levels of Straight To The Top, I'll send you our Designer Travel Shoulder Tote! This roomy, stylish bag is great for taking all your necessities to a gathering or other event. 

Let's Do This!

Below I have outlined a strategy for meeting all of the STTT levels. When you join my team, we will work through each of these milestones together!

Level 1

To earn the first level of STTT, you must sell at least $250 in your first 30 days. Note that your personal purchases (at full retail price) count toward meeting this target. When you achieve this level, you get these three exclusive stamp sets! The theme of all three is creativity and are perfect to use on projects that announce your new adventure.


1. Set up a virtual party as soon as you get the acceptance email from Close To My Heart. With my assistance, you will set up an online party and invite your friends, family and acquantances to check out your website and place an order.

2. Schedule a grand opening party as soon as possible after the date your box will arrive. This can be somewhat imprompt. Just call/email a few friends and tell them you are excited about your new adventure. The easy part is planning because all you need is a simple snack! Everything else is in your kit. Hand out the catalogs included in your kit, take orders and give away the Petite Perk stamp sets as prizes. The hard part is waiting becuase you will not open the box until your guest arrive.

3. Review your calendar and choose dates for the next couple months that you would like to have parties. It is never too early to start booking those dates!


Include the orders from the grand opening onyour virtual party to increase your rewards! Since you are the hostess, you will also earn $40 in free product and 1 half price item on a $250 party! Cha-ching!

Total Rewards

In addition to the STTT reward, you will also earn commission and Select Product Credit on the sales. Also, since you are the hostess, you will earn hostess rewards. Here is a list of everything YOU EARN based on a single $250 party in your first 30 days:

  • 3 Straight To The Top Stamp Sets
  • $55 Cash Commission
  • $5 "CTMH Cash" Commission
  • $40 Free Hostess Rewards
  • 1 Hostess Half Price Item

Level 2

To earn the second level of STTT, you must sell an additional 400 in your first 60 days. Even if you didn't meet the Level 1 goal, you can achieve this level with a total of $650 in your first 60 days.  The aware for achieving this level is an On The Go Bag zippered pouch which is is fully lined. It's great for taking change or office supplies to your events.


1. As soon as you are able, use your $50 in Select Product Credit (SPC) from your kit to order supplies for your first live gathering --- your Live Launch Party. I will help you choose exactly what you need to make this party a success. You can also use the hostess rewards from the virtual party for supplies or products to show at your live event. 

2. Schedule your Live Launch Party to be around 2 weeks after you get your SPC order. Invite everyone you can think of to come learn more about your new adventure. Don't worry about whether they are creative or not --- this party is to get the word out! They will have an opportunity to make a fun project, but if it is not for them, you will still have a chance to ask them who they know that may be interested.

3. While waiting for your order, prepare hostess packets (I'll help you know what to include). At your gathering, you will give these to anyone who books a later gathering.

4. Once your order arrives, you will make a sample and prep create & take kits for your gathering project.

5. Start your wish list!!! As both the consultant and hostess of this gathering, you will earn both commission and product credit on these sales.

Total Rewards

In addition to the STTT reward, you will also earn commission and Select Product Credit on the sales. As the hostess of your first gathering, you will earn additional rewards. Here is a list of everything YOU EARN on a single self-hosted $400 party in your second 30 days:

  • On The Go Bag
  • $88 Cash Commission
  • $25 "CTMH Cash" Commission
  • $60 Free Hostess Rewards
  • 1 Hostess Half Price Item

This is in addition to the rewards you earned on the first $250 listed above!

Level 3

To earn the third level of STTT, you must sell an additional $550 in your first 90 days. Even if you do not meet the Level 1 and/or Level 2 targets, you can achieve this goal with a total of $1200 in your first 90 days. The reward for achieving this level is this Close To My Heart 3/4 sleeve T-shirt. It is perfectly professional yet casual when you represent your Close To My Heart business. 


1. In an earlier step, you picked dates that you want to work. During those initial self-hosted events, you need to ask everyone to host a party for you.  If you still have some open dates you would like to work, ask friends and family that couldn't attend to host those. 

2. Use the hostess rewards and product credit earned at your first virtual and live gatherings to order supplies for these new gatherings. (Our consultant website has lots of great project ideas to choose from.)

3. To continue to grow your business, choose new gathering dates for the next couple months  and ask all attendees to book one of your dates.

Total Rewards

In addition to the STTT reward, you will also earn commission and Select Product Credit on the sales. Although you are not the hostess, the higher monthly sales wil result in much higher commmission. Here is a list of everything YOU EARN with sales of $550 in your first party or two hosted by friends and family members:

  • Teal CTMH Shirt
  • $121 Cash Commission
  • $25 "CTMH Cash" Commission

This is in addition to the rewards you earned on the first $650 listed above! 


If your plans include more than one gathering per month, it is likely that your sales will be significantly higher than $550 which will result in much higher commission and special product credit! 

Bonus - All three levels

This is the MOTHERLOAD! When you achieve all three levels of Straight To The Top, you will an assortment of creative products with retail value nearly $150! You'll get lots of great items to use at events or for your personal projects. 

In summary, when you order a consultant kit and meet all three of these targets using the strategy outlined above you will earn the following:

  • Chocolate Lover, Fiesta and Luau themed stamp sets
  • Designer Travel Shoulder Tote (Treasure Keeper Exclusive)
  • Essential creative and business items valued at over $200 (Consultant Kit)
  • $50 "CTMH Cash" (Bonus Credit from Kit)
  • 3 Straight To the Top Stamp Sets (Level 1)
  • On The Go Bag (Level 2)
  • Teal CTMH Shirt (Level 3)
  • Bundle of products (BONUS - all 3 levels)
  • $264 (or more)  Cash Commission
  • $55 "CTMH Cash" Commission
  • $100 in Free Hostess Rewards
  • 2 Hostess Half Price Items 

These calculations assume that you are the hostess for a combined Virtual Launch, Grand Opening and Live Launch with total sales of $650. In addition, your monthly sales for the first three months are assumed to be $250, $500 and $550, respectively. These assumptions are intentionally conservative and higher rewards are likely.


What do you have to lose? Worst case you find out it is not for you, but the best case is that you earn all these items plus have a great time doing it. I'd love to work with you and help you maximize your consultant perks. Let's do this!!!