2020 Treasure Keeper Big Apple Challenge

Who wants to go on the next Close To My Heart incentive trip to New York and Bermuda? I would love to vacation with each of you and I will do everything I can to help you get there. But maybe, like me you need to build up your business a year or two before earning a trip. If you feel like the trip may be out of reach this year, but you want to get there eventually, I'd suggest setting a goal of getting a certain portion of points this year and start thinking like a trip earner.

To help you stay motivated, I've decided to offer rewards to team members who get part of the way to New York! The points needed to go on the New York/Bermuda trip is 37,000. However, for every 5,000 points you earn, I'll reward you with travel items or cash toward CTMH events, plus a Picture My Life cards to commemorate your achievement. 


You will earn points for this Challenge the same way you earn points for the incentive trip. This includes sales, recruiting, attending convention or Business Builders, or promoting. You can see the details in the Online Office/Training & Events/Events/New York Trip/View Website then go to the qualifying tab.


Here's the rewards for each step toward the New York & Bermuda trip:

5,000 Points: 3" x 4" PML Card PLUS Luggage Tag


10,000: Above plus 3" x 4" PML Card PLUS $20 toward CTMH Event 


15,000:  Above plus 3" x 4" PML Card PLUS Zipper Pouch


20,000: Above plus 4" x 6" PML Card PLUS additional $25 toward CTMH Event 


25,000: Above plus 4" x 6" PML Card PLUS Glamour Case


30,000: Above plus 4" x 6" PML Card PLUS additional $30 toward CTMH Event


35,000: Above plus 4" x 6" PML Card PLUS Hanging Travel Case


37,000: Above plus 6" x 8" PML Card PLUS Pack your bags, you're going to New York and Bermuda!

All of these awards will be given after the end of the earning period (September 30, 2020). Travel items are from Thirty-One Gifts and are subject to change based on availability. To receive the cash awards, you must sign up for an event sponsored by Close To My Heart Home Office between October 1, 2020 and September 31, 2021. 


OK - It's time to set your goal. Decide what level you will be working for this year then divide the points by 12 to see how many you'd need to earn each month to stay on track. You may even want to divide by 52 to see how many points you need each week. 


You can do this!