Workshop Consultant Agreement

This agreement allows current Close To My Heart consultants to use the workshop to build their business. Members of my team and consultants who purchased the workshop or directions can sell this workshop to their customers under the terms below.


Allowed Actions

Consultants who purchase the directions to a workshop and members of my team are allowed to:

  • create kits with required materials to sell or provide to customers.
  • print unaltered workshop directions to include with kits or to give to customers who purchase required workshop materials. 
  • email unaltered workshop directions to customers who purchase a kit or the required workshop materials.
  • recreate the kit projects for personal use or business displays.
  • recommend Show Me Scrapping workshops to other consultant, including team members, by directing them to my website (


Consultants who have received the workshop directions agree not to:

  • sell or give away workshop directions or other files in the Consultant Pack other than as part of a kit or workshop supplies.
  • promote workshop sales on social media, personal websites or public sales sites. 
  • post online or distribute ANY of the materials provided in the Consultant Pack other than as allowed in this agreement.
  • provide links or materials (printed or electronic) to other Close To My Heart consultants, including team members. 

Violations of this agreement that comes to my attention will result in a warning message which descibes nature of violation and actions needed to correct. This message will also include a deadline for changes to be made. If the situation is not corrected before the deadline, consultant will not be allowed to purchase future workshops or directions.

My intention is that this kit will help you build your Close To My Heart business. As such, I have attempted to way that it can be used to help you without hurting my personal business. However, it is impossible to think of every possible scenario so I'm sure there will be some gray areas. If you have any quesitons about what is allowed, please contact me so we can work through them together.

Thank you for considering purchase of Show Me Scrapping Workshop. If you have any questions about the kits or the guidelines above, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Rebecca Brown

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