Consultant Only Samples

Come Back in early April for the new Seasonal Expressions 1 Samples!

I have completed and mailed the last set of samples for the current Seasonal Expressions 1 Idea Books. Please check back during the preview period for the next Idea Book to order completed projects to show the new products! 


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2018 Seasonal Expressions 1 Update

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The preview period for this beautiful Idea Book is here! This is always such a hectic time for a consultant and the holiday make it even more busy. I always feel like I'm split between trying to continue to market the current products and preparing to sell the new ones. Let me take a (big) task off your to do list by making samples of the new layout and card workshops for you!



Shipping Information


  • Deadline to order samples: Friday, December 8
  • Anticipate Mailing: Thursday, December 2 or sooner*


Note that the dates above are not guaranteed as I can not control delays in shipping both from Home Office (supplies) and to your home. I will do my best to meet this schedule and keep you informed of any changes to this timing.


Once you submit your order form, I will calculate your total including shipping and send you an invoice.  


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The Story behind these Samples

I love that Close To My Heart designs beautiful workshops and kits for us to sell. Although we have a beautiful full-color Idea Book, sales soar when customers see the products live.  My sales are always higher when people can see these beautiful, completed workshops in person. 


However, it can be daunting to make samples for each one: ordering supplies, cutting, stamping and assembly. Also, there is the expense of purchasing the stamps, paper, embellishments and adhesives. I have often wished the CTMH sold us completed samples of these projects.


A couple years ago, I was putting together my workshop samples and it occurred to me that it would not take significantly more time to create multiples of the layouts as it did to make my single sample.  I had long wished that "someone" would put together my samples. It was a "light bulb moment" and the idea for these samples for others was born.


So save your money, time and adhesives and let me make samples for you!

What You Get

All samples are consultant quality and packaged in ziplock bags for protection. Layouts and Picture My Life sets include white cardstock placeholders for photos so that they have a finished look. If you have photos, you can either replace the placeholders or trim your pictures leaving create so that the placeholder creates a white mat.

Display Help

You can choose to receive your samples display-ready in Memory Protectors or Clear Bags.