Consultant Only Samples

Status Report

Come Back in early April for the new Seasonal Expressions Samples!

I have completed and mailed the last set of samples for the current Seasonal Expressions 1 Idea Books. Please check back during the preview period for the next Idea Book to order completed projects to show the new products! 


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The Story behind these Samples

I love that Close To My Heart designed beautiful workshops and kits for us to sell. My customers also love them and I want to promote them every chance I get. However, it gets daunting making samples for each one: ordering supplies, cutting, stamping and assembly. Also, there is the expense of purchaing the stamps, paper, embellishments and adhesives. I have often wished the CTMH sold us completed samples of these projects.


As I was putting together the Sangria Workshop on the Go last fall, it occured to me that it would not take significantly more time to create multiples of the layouts as it did to make my single sample. In addition, the cost for each additional layout is reduced since I already have the stamp set and left over paper and embellishments. A lightbulb came on!


It occured to me that I could offer to make samples for other consultants and this project page was born. 


So save your money, time and adhesives and let me make samples for you!