Consultant Only Samples



Update 5/5/2017: Come back in early December for the 2017 Holiday Expressions workshop samples.


Update 4/12/2017: It has begun! I got my first box of goodies today and my breakfast room is filled with the delicious smell of fresh paper  :)


I ordered a few extras for late orders and have updated the quantities remaining below. Once I start cutting paper, the remaining amounts will go to 0. That will happen for No Worries SB WYW TOMORROW (Thurs 4/13), so get your order in now before they start going away!

I'm so excited to offer samples of the 2017 Seasonal Expressions 2 Workshops. Samples from each Workshops Your Way and Cut Above workshops in the Idea Book are now available for order. You can save 10% when you buy the ULTIMATE SAMPLER with ALL of the workshops in the Idea Book!



I will also be offering samples of the Cut Above Live Beautifully Cut Above kits for National Scrapbooking Month campaign!!! Due to preview period limits, I only have FIVE of these kits available to order.



I will be doing just one round this time

  • Order deadline: Sunday, April 9
  • Anticipate Mailing: Thursday, April 27 or sooner*


I use Priority Mail in the US**, so you can anticipate delivery approximately 2 business days after they are mailed. Note that these dates are not guaranteed as I can not control delays in shipping both from Home Office (supplies) and to your home, but I will do my best to meet this schedule and keep you informed of any changes to the timing.


*Let me know the date of your first event to show Seasonal Expressions 2 or National Scrapbooking Month projects so I can prioritize. I will keep you informed and do my best to meet your deadlines.

**Message me if you are outside the US to discuss shipping costs.


The Story behind these Samples

I love that Close To My Heart designs beautiful workshops and kits for us to sell. Although we have a beautiful full-color Idea Book, sales soar when customers see the products live.  My sales are always higher when people can see these beautiful, completed workshops in person. 


However, it can be daunting to make samples for each one: ordering supplies, cutting, stamping and assembly. Also, there is the expense of purchasing the stamps, paper, embellishments and adhesives. I have often wished the CTMH sold us completed samples of these projects.


A couple years ago, I was putting together my workshop samples and it occurred to me that it would not take significantly more time to create multiples of the layouts as it did to make my single sample.  I had long wished that "someone" would put together my samples. It was a "light bulb moment" and the idea for these samples for others was born.


So save your money, time and adhesives and let me make samples for you!

What You Get

All samples are consultant quality and packaged in ziplock bags for protection. Layouts and Picture My Life sets include white cardstock placeholders for photos so that they have a finished look. If you have photos, you can either replace the placeholders or trim your pictures leaving create so that the placeholder creates a white mat.

Display Help

You can choose to receive your samples completely display-ready by adding a set of Clear Bags or Memory Protectors for each workshop you order! 



With this option, each layout page and each card will be sealed in a separate clear bag. (PML cards will not be in Clear Bags.) You can use rubber cement to attach these to your display boards. 


With this option, your layouts will arrive in top loading Memory Protectors. If you order a set of layouts from a collection the right page of the first layout will be back-to-back in the same protector as the left page of the second layout, and so on.


For full Scrapbooking Workshop Your Way kits, the PML Cards will be inserted into Pocket Plus Memory Protectors (as shown in directions). Empty pockets will be filled with photo place holders. The cards will be mounted on a piece of white cardstock and inserted into the back side of the last Memory Protector.


NEW: With the Memory Protector option, you will also receive a cover page using a full sheet of the paper pack and coordinating colors of cardstock and the name of the paper collection!


Please let me know if you display your samples in a different manner and we can discuss how I can help you quickly get them ready to show.


Order as many samples as you'd like for the single shipping cost of $6.95. The default shipping is USPS Priority (2nd day). If you are not in the continental US or would like me to calculate the price for other shipping options, please let me know.>>


Unless otherwise requested, all samples will be shipped by April 27. If you will be showing your samples prior to that, please call me to discuss options. Often I can reorder my process to prioritize what you need.  


If you request part of your order (for example, the NSM layouts) shipped earlier than the April 27, the charge to ship the first order will be $6.95 and you will pay the actual shipping cost for the remainder of the order. 

Order Samples

National Scrapbooking Month - Live Beautifully

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST -- Just 5 available!!!

This set includes each of the ten Cut Above National Scrapbooking Month Live Beautifully pages fully assembled and ready to show!


Be sure to add clear bags or Memory Protectors if you want them ready to display.


These layouts will be ready to ship on Monday, April 10!! (Actual shipping rates apply when shipped prior to April 27.)


NOTE: Although this kit includes Memory Protectors, you will not receive them with your samples unless you order the MEMORY PROCTOR add on. 



  • Available
  • Ships in about two weeks1

Cardmaking Workshops Your Way

A set includes ONE of each of the cards shown in the workshop directions. Save 10% when you order the ULTIMATE SAMPLER with all of the card-making Workshop Your Way kits in the Idea Book.


If you'd like each of the cards you ordered sealed in display-ready clear plastic bags, add one "Clear Bags" to your cart for EACH workshop you ordered.



  • Available
  • Ships in about two weeks1

Scrapbooking Workshops Your Way


  • LAYOUTS ONLY: sample of each of the three layouts and decorated PML cards in the workshop guide
  • CARDS ONLY: sample of each of the three cards in the workshop guide
  • FULL WORKSHOP: a set that includes samples of the layouts,decorated Picture My Life cards and one of each card in the Workshop Your Way guide. 
  • ULTIMATE SAMPLER: a set that includes the FULL WORKSHOP for all workshops in the Idea Book. SAVE 10%!!



To receive your samples in clear bags:

  • For each LAYOUTS ONLY add one "Clear Bags: Layouts" to your cart*
  • For each CARDS ONLY, add one "Clear Bags: Cards" to your card
  • For each FULL WORKSHOP, add one each of "Clear Bags: Layouts" and "Clear Bags: Cards"  to your cart*. 
  • For the ULTIMATE BUNDLE, add four  each of Clear Bags: Layouts" and "Clear Bags: Cards"  to your cart*.

*Note PML cards will not be in bags.


To receive your samples to arrive in Memory Protectors:

  • For each LAYOUT ONLY or FULL WORKSHOP, add one "Memory Protectors" to your cart. 
  • For the ULTIMATE BUNDLE, add four "Memory Protectors" to your cart.


  • Available
  • Ships in about two weeks1

Cut Above Layout Kits

You will receive a two page layout completed according to the workshop directions plus the 12 PML cards that come in the kit. Save 10% when you order the ULTIMATE SAMPLER with both of the Cut Above Scrapbooking Kits in the Idea Book.


If you'd like your layouts to come in clear plastic bags, add one "Clear Bags" to your cart for EACH workshop you order. NOTE that the PML cards will NOT be in clear bags. If you order the ULTIMATE SAMPLER, add two "Clear Bags" to your cart.


If you'd like your samples to come in Memory Protectors, add one "Memory Protector to your cart for EACH workshop you order. If you order the ULTIMATE SAMPLER, add two "Memory Protectors" to your cart.


NOTE: Even though this kit includes Memory Protectors, you will not receive them with your samples unless you order the MEMORY PROCTOR add on.



  • Available
  • Ships in about two weeks1