Evernote Stamp Notebook

Update: The 2017 Annual Inspirations notebook is ready! I've sent it to subscribers and those who ordered this update. If you'd like a copy scroll down to the HOW TO ORDER for details. 

Do you strugle with keeping of your crafting resourses organized? Have you ever hunted for an stamp image that you know you have, but can't remember which set it is on? Or maybe you know which set, but you can't locate the set! Ever buy multiples of a favorite stamp set because you forgot you had it?


For several years, I have been using Evernote to keep track of my stamp sets. This allows me to search on key words, as well as any sentiments on the stamps. My stamp sets are in our Large Organizers sorted alpha-numerically. Finding the stamp set I want is a SNAP!


Are you ready to get your stamp sets organized? Let me help you! Order my Loaded Evernote Stamp Notebook below.

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How to Order

There are two steps to receive access to these notebooks:


STEP 1 - Do ONE of the following

  • Become a member of my Close To My Heart team
  • Place an order of $25 or more ($60 for an annual subscription) on my Close To My Heart website
  • Place an order of $50 or more ($100 for an annual subscription) in Workshop Samples (current consultants only)
  •  Make a donation of $25 ($60 for an annual subscription) toward a CTMH order which will be used to purchase CTMH products for local not-for-profit entities. 


STEP 2 - Complete this online request form.


If you are a current Close To My Heart consultant, be sure to include a link to your Online Business Address on the form to allow me to send you the links during the preview period rather than waiting until the Idea Book is live. 


I process orders about once a week, so please be patient. If you don't receive the files after a few days, please drop me an email.  Thanks!



This option provides you with a link to an Evernote notebook with all of the current stamp sets. You will also receive a link to a separate notebook with only the NEW stamps in the current Idea Book. This smaller notebook will allow you to update your personal notebook without introducing duplicates of ongoing stamp sets.



This option allows you to keep your stamps notebook current for one full 12-month Idea Book cycle! If you order the Annual Subscription, you will receive the current Single Edition of the notebook, plus updates for each new Idea Book until one 12-month cycle is completed.  



There are several advantages including:

  1. Lower order total! Under our current Idea Book schedule there are 4 updates in a 12 month period. You save 40% by replacing 4 Single Editions with the Annual Subscription.
  2. Save shipping costs! Each time you place a separate order on my OBA, you are charged a minimum shipping. 
  3. Sit back and relax! When you purchase the annual subscription, your updates come automatically at the earliest possible date. You don't need to remember to place an order and request the new notebook.



Orders for a Single Edition placed now will receive a notebook with all stamp sets available as of 9/1/2016.


Annual Subscriptions ordered now will get the 9/1/2017 Holiday Expressions notebook plus the following updates:

  • 1/1/2018, Seasonal Expressions 1
  • 5/1/2018, Seasonal Expressions 2
  • 8/1/2018, Annual Inspirations

Generally, links are sent on the day the Idea Book goes live. However, consultants can get them during the preview period by providing me with a working link to their Close To My Heart Online Business Address.


I have retained versions of the notebook with retired stamps back to the 9/1/2015 Idea Book. Please email me if you are interested in obtaining these older notebooks.

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