Stamping Basics

Conditioning New Stamps

Before you use your stamps, we recommend conditioning your stamps so the ink will transfer to your projects evenly. Rub the stamp across a stamp pad a couple times, then stamp on scrap paper, twisting while you stamp. Do this a few times until the ink is transferring evenly across the entire surface of the image.

Using Your Stamps

Step 1: Carefully loosen the image on all sides with the edge of your forefinger and peel slowly from the carrier sheet. Center the image on an appropriately sized My Acrylix block.


Step 2: Ink the image with your Exclusive Inks color of choice. Press the image to your artwork with even, downward pressure. 

A Few Tips

  • For Best results, place the foam pad included in the stamp envelope under your artwork while stamping to ensure even ink coverage.
  • Look through the top of the block when stamping complementary images to ensure ideal placement.


Keep your My Acrylix stamps in tip-top shape by cleaning them immediately after every use, storing them on the carrier sheets in the envelopes (rather than on blocks), and keeping them out of direct sunlight.


Our stamp envelopes fit perfectly in our storage containers. 



To clean water-based (dye) inks from your stamps, spray sprintz cleaner onto your stamp scrubber and gently rub your stamp across the surface while still on the block. For solvent-based inks such as StazOn, we recommend you use the special cleaner. Some discoloration from inks is normal and does not affect the stamps' performance. 

Restoring Stickiness

Over time your well-used stamps may accumulate dirt, oil and dust which causes them to lose their stickiness. We recommend rinsing them with warm water to restore their clink. Never use soap or detergent as this may harm your stamps. Let the stamps air-dry and the "sticky" will return.