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For several years, I have been using Evernote to organize many areas of my life including my craft supplies. This page will take your through the steps to setting up your own Evernote notebook to organize your stamps. You can use these basic steps to organize practically anything. 


To help you get started with your stamp organization, I've created a "loaded" Evernote Stamp Notebook which includes all of the current Close To My Heart stamp sets!  


Organizing your Stamps (or anything else) using Evernote

Several years ago, I started using Evernote to organize my stamp sets. This database tool allows me to search my sets for specific sentiments as well as theme, holiday and images. My physical stamp storage has become much simpler because of this digital organization.


In this video, I explain how this system has completely changed how I organize my stamp sets which saves me tons of time finding a specific set. I also provide tips for setting up a stamps notebook for yourself. You can use this same method to organize so many other things.


As shown in the video, using an Evernote notebook to organize your stamp sets allows you to simplify your physical stamp storage by sorting them by item number. There is no longer a need to use a cumbersome theme-based organization for your sets.  


Once you have your notebook set up, you can access it from your computer, tablet or phone. This means that your stamp sets are at your finger tips anywhere, anytime!

Screen shot of Evernote on  my Android phone
Screen shot of Evernote on my Android phone

Since I've started using Evernote, I find myself using my stamp sets more. They are no longer hidden away in my boxes. I can now locate just the right stamp set for my projects anytime. A quick trip to my storage cabinet and I have the set in hand and ready to create.


If you have any questions about using Evernote for your craft organization, please let me know how I can help you.

To help you get started a "Loaded" Evernote Stamp Notebook with all the current stamp sets is available from Show Me Scrapping!