Evernote Notebook Donations

In lieu of a personal order, you can choose to donate your order using the payment button below and qualify to to receive my loaded Evernote notebooksadded this option for my fellow consultants outside of the United States because they can not place an order on my site.  


NOTE that if you use this option, you will not receive any product. If you intend to order products for yourself, do not use this payment option. 


The money collected using this option will be used to provide new Close To My Heart products to charitable organization. Initial donations were used to purchase a supply of adhesives and other basic craft supplies for a senior services housing center and My Crush products to a local public school. I am currently reviewing other organizations that may be interested a donation of Close To My Heart products.

Evernote Stamps Notebooks - Donation Option

If you choose this option, you will not receive any product. If you intend to order products for yourself, please place a qualifying order on my Close To My Heart shopping website instead.



Note for those outside the US: You will need to put a fake address into the form. As long as you enter a legitimate email address, you will get the links to the notebook. (There is only one shipping set up for the whole website and since I am selling some physical items in my "shop", I have it set up to only take US addresses. Sorry for the inconvience.)


If you are a member of my team, the Treasure Keepers, the notebooks are free!  If you are not a consultant, contact me for information about joining!


After you submit your donation, please fill out this form to complete your request for the notebooks.


See definitions of the Single Edition and Annual Subscription>>


Donation of Qualifying order for Evernote Stamp Notebook


Don't forget to complete this online form after making your donation.