Rewards Club FAQs

1. How do I sign up for the Rewards Club?

You can join the club at any time by simply placing an order of $25 or more to the current "Club Gathering" on my Close To My Heart website. The following month, I will send an email confirmation to each who placed a qualifying order. If you believe you placed a qualifying order and did not receive a confirmation, please let me know.

2. How can I track my Club orders?

In addition to the confirmation emails, you can view your order history on my Close To My Heart website if you create an account and log in before placing each order.  Please let me know if you ever have any questions about your club history.

3. How do I submit my monthly Rewards Club order?

You can place your Club order at anytime during the month on my Close To My Heart website. Be sure that you join the "Club Gathering" before you check out.  You can also send me your order and I will collect your payment and place it for you. 

4. Do purchases I make for another Gathering count toward my Rewards Club commitment?

No. Since you are accruing Hostess Rewards over a six-month period, purchases must be made through the special "Club Gathering" to count for the Rewards Club.


5. What if I place Rewards Club orders in excess of my committed amount?

Excess orders in your Rewards Month will count toward your Rewards Club gathering and may increase your rewards. However, no additional rewards are provided for excess purchases in other months.


6. What can I receive for my Club Rewards?

For free items, you can choose from a wide variety of products! This includes many of our basics like stamp set, paper, ink pads and much much more. There are even hostess-only stamp sets available for purchase with club rewards.  See complete list>>


7. What can I choose for my 50% off items? 

50% off items can be anything in the current Idea Book(s)! When your party reaches qualifying levels, you will gain access to hostess exclusive bundles that you can purchase for half price.


8. How can I increase the Club Rewards I receive during my Rewards Month?

You can increase your gathering total by hosting a workshop or gathering and by collecting outside orders in your Rewards Month. In addition, you can time your larger purchases during your Rewards Month.  If you'd like to host a live or virtual party, it is best to get it on the calendar as soon as possible since my calendar tends to be fairly full of personal and business activities. Click here to see the complete Hostess Rewards chart. The sky really is the limit on your Club Rewards!


9. Will ordering Rebecca's custom kits count toward my monthly Rewards Club order?

In general, kits created by Rebecca are NOT included as Rewards Club purchases, unless the description states that it is. If you have any questions about whether a kit counts toward club purchases, please contact me


10. Do inventory purchases from Rebecca count toward my monthly Rewards Club order? What about registration fees for Rebecca's events?

No. The Rewards Club committed amount must be met by product orders and not inventory or events.


11. What happens if I do not place an order of at least $25 in a calendar month.

Your Rewards Club membership will end and no further purchases are required and no rewards earned. If you'd like to rejoin the Rewards Club at a later time, your initial purchase with be your first month in the Rewarda club.


Please email me if you have additional questions about the Hostess Club.